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At Rousettus, we believe in pioneering inclusive yoga practices. Our revolutionary VIYM® Yoga Mat is designed to provide a tactile experience for those who rely less on sight and more on touch. With strategically placed ‘stations’ on the mat, it offers a whole new level of orientation and stability. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, our VIYM® Yoga Mat will enhance your practice and make yoga accessible for everyone. Join us on this journey of inclusivity and discover the transformative power of the VIYM® Yoga Mat.

Rousettus at Kauai Marathon 2013!

The Rousettus Yoga Mat will be at The Kauai Marathon 2013. We will be exhibiting on August 30th and 31st at the Grand Hyatt and participating in the Kauai Half Marathon race on September 1st. Compra Minocin Online buy kamagra 100mg ogrish forum

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Testimonial: Gordon Gund

As a blind person, VIYM with the training video from Rousettus made yoga really work for me buy kamagra , giving me much better orientation and stability on the mat with different positions. I recommend it to people with visual impairments. wallet

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Testimonial: Mary

"I am a beginning yoga student with low vision and cataracts. The verbal instructions in the DVD series are clear and easy to follow whether you have no vision or low vision which enables me to move through the posture sequences with my eyes closed. I also really love the VIYM yoga mat. The quality is so much better than the mat I purchased at a local sporting good store and is much more comfortable."

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