Discover the Rousettus®
Visually Impaired Yoga Mat

The VIYM® Yoga Mat is a revolutionary tool that redefines accessibility in yoga for those with visual impairments, tactile sensitivities, or motor challenges.

Our mat contains unique features that enable blind, low vision, limited-sight, and physically challenged users to practice yoga—safely and confidently.

Rosettus Visually Impaired Yoga Mat

VIYM® Yoga Mat Features…

Crafted with the unique needs of each yogi in mind, our mat features innovative tactile ‘stations’ that guide your hands, feet, and head to the right positions, ensuring safety and proper alignment.

Raised center line keeps head and spine aligned during yoga postures.

Rosettus Visually Impaired Yoga Mat

Raised hand and foot stations for perfect placement.

Rosettus Visually Impaired Yoga Mat

Clear L and R shapes and braille for low vision users

Rosettus Visually Impaired Yoga Mat
Rosettus Visually Impaired Yoga Mat
Rosettus Visually Impaired Yoga Mat

Comfort & Confidence are Included

“I loved the cushion and support of this mat for myself, but the best part is my nephew who is blind can use the mat with ease and confidence!”
— Ali is a sighted yoga student from Massachusets

Let’s Bring Yoga to Everyone

Whether you’re navigating the challenges of limited vision or seeking a sensory-friendly yoga experience, the VIYM® Yoga Mat empowers you with the confidence and independence to embrace your yoga journey. Experience enhanced balance, alignment, and a deeper connection to your practice, all while enjoying a yoga mat designed to turn obstacles into opportunities for growth and well-being.

VIYM® is designed to enable those who are blind, partially blind, or who may face physical challenges, to practice yoga safely and confidently.

The mats can be used by young people and adults in physical education classes, rehabilitation facilities, community centers, homes or yoga studios.

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Watch Our Yoga Mat Demo Video

“I am a beginning yoga student with low vision and cataracts and am very sensitive to light and glare which makes practicing yoga at traditional studios uncomfortable due to overhead lighting. The verbal instructions of the DVD series are clear and easy to follow, whether you have no vision or low vision, which enables me to move through the posture sequences with my eyes closed. As a beginner, it is so much more relaxing compared to struggling to see the instructor at the local gym,”
— Mary is a low-vision yoga student in Washington D.C.


Our customers rave about the VIYM® because it provides real benefits and tremendous freedom for yoga students of all ages and ability.

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