Testimonial: Mary

May 26, 2011 | News&Events

I am writing to say how much I love the VIYM yoga mat and DVD series.  I am a beginning yoga student with low vision and cataracts.  I am very sensitive to light and glare which makes practicing yoga at a traditional studio uncomfortable, due to overhead lighting.  The verbal instructions in the DVD series are clear and easy to follow whether you have no vision or low vision which enables me to move through the posture sequences with my eyes closed.  As a beginner

, it is so much more relaxing compared to struggling to see the instructor at the local gym.  My newly retired Mom, who is fully sighted, loves the DVD too because the instructions regarding how to move through the posture sequence are very straightforward.  She was self-conscience about taking a class but the skills she learned from the DVD gave her the confidence to sign up for a local class.

I also really love the VIYM yoga mat.  The quality is so much better than the mat I purchased at a local sporting good store and is much more comfortable.  It is also holding up much better than my other mat which makes it worth the investment.  The tactile markings


, especially the foot stations and the raised center line that runs through the center of the mat, have really helped me achieve proper alignment and helped with balance.  Thank you for making and designing such great products!