VIYM® is helpful to sighted beginners

Oct 15, 2010 | News&Events

VIYM® can be used by students of all ability levels, even sighted students, in any Physical Education class. The mat includes tactile features that improve structural alignment of the body and make learning yoga easy. For example…

  • The feet stations allow the beginner to find

    , understand, and maintain “hip width apart” distance that is suggested during many yoga poses.

  • The depressed and raised lip feature of the feet stations assist in the accuracy of the feet and toes to be in line with one another.
  • The raised center line assists in spine and head alignment during belly down and lying on the back postures.

These tactile features are like having another instructor in the room. They reduce the number of physical interventions by an instructor — which means a greater number of postures can be practiced.

VIYM® is also perfect for in home use without an instructor.

  • Basic Series 1 DVD was developed to be used in the time allotted for a typical PE class (50 minutes).
  • Basic Series 2 DVD is longer in length (63 minutes) but demonstrates many other postures not included in Basic Series 1.